October 29, 2004

My Thylacine Costume

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June 18, 2004

A Newly Discovered Kind of Chimaera

It has been reported in the news that there is a newly discovered kind of chimaera. They have a picture. A chimaera is a relative of the shark that has big eyes and lives in black water. It's called a Hydrolagus mattallansi. I hope they give it a simpler name soon.

Chimaeras are very interesting. The are brown and white. They live very, very deep under the surface of the ocean.

There should be a newly-discovered animal web site for kids.

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June 06, 2004

Pictures of Extinct Animals

DoedicurusThis is a very good picture book that I made at my neighbor's house. The first one is a doedicurus, a giant armadillo as big as a car. The second one is gastornis, a meat-eating bird that is as tall as a grown man. The last one is a thylacine, which is also called the Tasmanian tiger.

I like the DVD Walking with Prehistoric Beats! I like learning about extinct animals. I think what's coolest about the leptictidium it's cute and has sharp teeth and looks sort of like a shrew.



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May 09, 2004

I'm a Yellow Belt Now

I am now a yellow belt in Tai Kwan Do.

I even broke a board with my hand!

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September 07, 2003

Burgess Shale Creatures Museum

I drew a wiwaxia.

These Burgess Shale creatures are cool. Even the ones I have seen are cool. And I have seen lots of them and you had better go to the place where the ocean from before the time of the dinosaurs was. You might find fossils of Burgess Shale creatres, like the one on my web log.

I'm going to make a museum here on my weblog of Burgess Shale creatures.

The lace crab (Marrella) is cool and I think we might find a fossil if we go to the right place. [Pictures from the Smithsonian].


The Burgess Shale
The Burgess Shale exhibit at the Royal Tyrell Museum


The Royal Ontario Museum
The Smithsonian

I also drew a hallucigenia:

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July 23, 2003

Bunyips Play Area

Buynips are imaginary creatures that live in Australia. They're cool but they're sometimes scary. And sometimes they just walk around and sometimes they hunt but I don't think they get very much food.

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