> Glasgow 2005

Photos by David G. Hartwell.

The Ornithologist
The Goblin
Elvis ar the Maclellan Gallery
Pan Macmillan party ad
Church tower on Vincent Street
Future Shock (SF shop)
Kelvingrove through the trees
Main tower of the University
Kelvingrove House Museum (closed til 2006)
Bowling Green at the corner of Kelvingrove Park
Proof positive that Charles N. Brown is a Druid
Justin Ackroyd in the Moat House bar
David Axler in the SECC lobby
Sunset from the Hilton
Kate Eltham and Robert Hoge in the Hilton bar
Charlie Stross on the Moat House lobby balcony
The Science Center across the Clyde
Farah Mendlesohn at the Nova Scotia signing
Zack Clayton, Zara Baxter, Farah Mendlesohn at Ichiban
Fred Ramsey from State College, PA
Jonathan Post, same as ever.
Harry Harrison--is that a drink in his hand?
Karl Schroeder
Takayuki Tatsumi & Mari Kotani
Alan Beatts
Silverberg, Turtledove, Hunt in the Dealers Room
Jae Leslie Adams in the fan lounge
Randy Byers in the fan lounge
The reviewers panel:Witcover,Hand, Wolfe, Kelly
Dave Langford meets Clute in the hall
Greg and Astrid Bear
In the fan bar:Greg, Astrid, David, Gordon, Brenda
Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner in the Green room
Astrid Bear, Marcie Malinowycz, Brenda Cooper, Gordon Van Gelder
Karl Schroeder and Greg Bear waiting for the train
Kim Kofmel waiting for the train
Greg Frost and Astrid Bear
Peter Weston harangues the troops at the party
H. H. Lochte
Takayuki Tatsumi presents the Seiun Awards
David Hartwell and the mad scientist, flanked by the maid robots
Mike Swanwick, Eileen Gunn and Jacob Weisman
Andy Duncan and Sidney
Andy Sawyer and Brian W. Aldiss
Lisa Tuttle and Peter Crowther
Mike Swanwick, Steve Jones, Kim Newman
Beth Gwinn & David Marusek
Chris Priest, Marcial Suoto, Liz Hand, Leigh Kennedy
Oliver Morton, Farah Mendlesohn, Gary K. Wolfe, John Clute
Edward James, Peter Weston, Ian Watson