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David's storm pictures, Pleasantville, NY

David was supposed to come to Westport this weekend but got snowed in. He mostly doesn't have an Internet connection, but Optonline came back just long enough for him to upload some impressive pictures from the recent snow storm.

downed branches

downed branches

deck mural peeks out of the snow

deck mural peeks out of the snow

downed power lines

downed power lines

snowy sunrise

snowy sunrise

Year's Best SF 15 table of contents

SN850389Year's Best SF 15, ed. David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, is forthcoming from HarperCollins this summer and is available for pre-order from the publisher.

Table of Contents

Vandana Singh • Infinities

Robert Charles Wilson • This Peaceable Land; or the Unbearable Vision of Harriet Beacher Stowe

Yoon Ha Lee • The Unstrung Zither

Bruce Sterling • Black Swan

Nancy Kress • Exegesis

Ian Creasey • Erosion

Gwyneth Jones • Collision

Gene Wolfe • Donovan Sent Me

Marissa K. Lingen • The Calculus Plague

Peter Watts • The Island

Paul Cornell • One of Our Bastards Is Missing

Sarah L. Edwards • Lady of the White-Spired City

Brian Stableford • The Highway Code

Peter M. Ball • On the Destruction of Copenhagen by the War Machines of the Merfolk

Alastair Reynolds • The Fixation

Brenda Cooper • In Our Garden

Geoff Ryman • Blocked

Michael Cassut • The Last Apostle

Charles Oberndorf • Another Life

Mary Robinette Kowal • The Consciousness Problem

Stephen Baxter • Tempest 43

Genevieve Valentine • Bespoke

Eric James Stone • Attitude Adjustment

Chris Roberson • Edison's Frankenstein

Wall Street weighs in on Amazon, declares Borders the winner: AMZN off 5.21%; BPG up 10.47%

Apparently, Wall Street was not amused by Amazon's fight with Macmillan USA. A bunch of the financial articles attribute the Amazon fall to expectations that e-book prices would rise. But that strikes me as nonsense. If that's true, why the big rise in Borders? Perhaps because some think that Amazon is not the future of online retailing and are looking for alternatives?

From Google Finance:


AMZN, Inc. 118.87 -6.54 -5.21%    

BKS Barnes & Noble, Inc. 18.00 +0.52 2.97%

BGP Borders Group, Inc. 0.950 +0.090 10.47%

BAMM Books-A-Million, Inc. 6.51 +0.14 2.20%

AAPL Apple Inc. 194.43 +2.37 1.23%