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Richard E. Cytowic, MD to give an illustrated talk on synesthesia & creativity at the Library of Congress on Friday, October 30

From Richard Cytowic:

Richard E. Cytowic, MD will give an illustrated talk on synesthesia and creativity at the Library of Congress on Friday, October 30 at 6:125 p.m. based on his latest book, Wednesday is Indigo Blue.

A book signing follows.

His lecture (6:15 to 7:15) is part of the Library’sMusic and the Brain Series While free, tickets disappear rapidly. The library will hold a block of seats for personal guests. Please mail to place your name on the reserved list.

The Founder’s Day Concert follows Richard’s talk, –– “One Minute More,” a set of sixty one–minute pieces composed to sixty one–minute videos. Concert tickets are also free on a first–come basis, but may be reserved for a small fee from TicketMaster.

Oliver Sacks says: “Twenty years ago, synesthesia—the automatic joining of two or more senses—was regarded by scientists (if at all) as a rare curiosity. We now must regard it as an essential, and fascinating, part of the human experience. It may well be the basis for human imagination and metaphor. No one has done more than Richard Cytowic to bring a careful neuroscientific attention to synesthesia, grounded in decades of research. His work has changed the way we think of the brain, and Wednesday is Indigo Blue is a unique and indispensable guide for anyone interested in how we perceive the world.”


Richard E. Cytowic MD