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Photos of Pooka

I was going through my Flickr account looking for good shots of recently deceased friends (Phyllis Gotlieb whose funeral is tomorrow and Charlie Brown who died Sunday night, both dying unexpectedly), and instead found photos of Jim and Kathy Morrow's marvelous border collie, Pooka, who died last year. Pooka was a family favorite and was my son's first dog love. In 2006, Pooka was ill and needed to be brought along to Confluence in Pittsburgh, and so she was at the con. Here are the photos I found:


Pooka with Jim Morrow and I


Pooka with Kathy Morrow, being hugged by my son Peter.

Kathy Morrow & Pooka at Confluence

Pooka & Kathy.

Pooka was as good a dog as I'll ever meet and I miss her.

(I suspect the photos I was actually looking for are in Pleasantville on my hard drive somewhere, and not on my Flickr account at all.)