Photos from Greg & Astrid Bear's party for Clarion West students
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David Hartwell interview for Clarion West at the University Bookstore

Eileen Gunn interviewed David Hartwell last night as part of the Clarion West reading series, held this year at the University Bookstore. 

John D. Berry took most of the photos of the actual event, since I was sitting up front with David and with Eilleen Gunn, the interviewer. The main photoset is HERE.

University Bookstore

Duane Wilkins introduces the event

singing teen angel

David Hartwell opens by singing the first verse of "Teen Angel."

Eileen Gunn

Eileen Gunn

David Hartwell & Eileen Gunn

David Hartwell & Eileen Gunn


the audience


Kathryn Cramer & David Hartwell

at the Continental

at the Continental afterwards

JT Stewart & David Hartwell

JT Stewart, Clarion West co-founder, & David Hartwell

sitting around afterwards

sitting around afterwards