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Tangent Online Relaunches. Hooray!

David Truesdale writes:

Welcome to the relaunch of Tangent Online. It's been quite awhile, hasn't it? But we're finally back, with a somewhat different look, new software fueling the enterprise, and a brand new web-hoster, Analog author Eric James Stone (whose newest story, "The Final Element," can be found in the April, 2009 issue). Eric is the person most responsible for Tangent Online even existing today. He stepped forward and offered to host the site, provided the new software, and has been more than patient with yours truly as I have learned how to use it (and which I am still learning the finer points of). Eric deserves your unqualified thanks for his selfless efforts in getting us up and running once more.

When I began the print version of Tangent back in July of 1993--almost sixteen years ago to the month--I believe we covered four or five magazines in the first issue and there were only three or four reviewers. In many ways, we're starting over the same way now. Including myself, there are eleven reviewers (with a few exceptions--Robert Waters, Steven Silver, and Nader Elhefnawy--all are new toTangent Online, though they have reviewed elsewhere), and this is in part why I have decided to temporarily forego reviewing online fiction venues. After the reviewing staff enlarges and stabilizes to the point where we've got the print medium covered we'll begin covering the ever-growing number of online sources again. And, as back in 1993, once magazine and short-story collection/anthology editors learn of our relaunch we'll be covering a much broader range of material. I will therefore need additional reviewers. If you are interested, contact me via the Contact Us link on the front page.