On why what people like about books is more interesting than what they don't like
Posted David Hartwell's editorial on negative reviewing as performance to the NYRSF site

An ethical stand, of a sort, on the future of SF and SF's lack of optimism

Noted without comment -- Andy Remic writing at SF Signal on "Why is Genre Fiction Is Bleak and What Can Be Done About It?"

I believe there's a lot of people out there sick of the constant whining and moaning and tearing down - after all, it's much easier to destroy than create. That's why myself, and so many other brilliant authors, are involved with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Ethics project (the SFFE) because we want to promote a positive attitude in the industry, and make and ethical stand against the constant poison and vitriol which, I think, has been invading and escalating for a long time.

I chose the name "Ethics" not because I wanted to explore the ethical contexts of novels or films, but because I wanted to make an ethical stand against the motherfuckers who, to my mind, are systematically ruining the SFFH genres. In short, I wanted to do what I believed was intrinsically, morally, ethically and intuitively right. I want to celebrate everything that is good in SFFH, because it's all subjective, right?? - and, hopefully, we can lead by positive example.

(I've already said what I had to say on this subject, I think.)

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