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Westport sunrise this morning

Regaining my sense of humor about Fail Fandom

Years ago, in the Orient (or was it at an SFWA event?), Charles Platt -- who I guess was running short on conversational openers -- came up to me and told me all of the worst, most scurrilous, stories he'd heard about me since our previous encounter. I don't recall what I said to him, but I imagine I was probably at a bit of a loss for words. Then he winked, smiled, and said, "Don't worry, Kathryn. It all contributes to your already formidable reputation." And perhaps it did.

I am not going to do much to correct Fail Fandom's claims. In an odd and somewhat unpleasant way, certain tall tales contribute to what Platt called my "formidable reputation" and probably make me safer on the Internet than I would be if I revealed their scant basis. At this point, people would be very disappointed to find out that the LJ pearls of wisdom about me are mere grains of sand.

So, OK, I confess, I really do weigh the same as a duck.


In the meantime, I apologize to all the Live Journalers I turned into newts, frogs, and worms. Most of you have already gotten better. I promise to release the stragglers into their native habitat once they've recovered.