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I seem to have been prophetic: The Madlyn Primoff "Incident"

What We're Reading

Bestofstuntology300 Peter is reading Sam Bartlett's Stuntology: "Absurd pranks and pointless techniques to amuse yourself, amaze your friends, and annoy everyone else." A mother who buys such a book for her 11-year son gets what she paid for. (Or what she deserves?)

LatinforPeople I am reading Latin for People : Latina Pro Populo by Alexander & Nicolas Humez, recommended  by Eileen Gunn, preparing myself to help my son get back on track with Latin. (Yes, he's taking Latin in the 6th grade.) 

Cov0904lg-250 I am also reading the April/May F&SF, which contains a terrific story by Ellen Kushner, "A Wild and Wicked Youth." (I read it a second time this afternoon.)