When Fantasy Ends
Thursday morning at home.

Welcome, Ambrose


This morning we filed adoption papers wit the North Country SPCA for Ambrose, a cat we have fostered on and off since July. He is a wonderful charismatic cat who came to the shelter as a kitten rescued from an Adirondack cat colony. All of his siblings got adopted. But not Ambrose (whose shelter name was "Bro").

He had persistent respiratory issues that were resistant to treatment. He lived for more than a year in the shelter before we first fostered him. It seemed that maybe the issue was allergies, but he didn't respond to cortisone shots either.  My husband, David, was for obvious reasons reluctant to adopt a chronically ill cat.

Finally, after much patient trying, the cat's health finally seems to be stable, and he has also become a treasured member of the family. He likes to sit in the middle of cross-sections so he knows where everyone is. He reminds of of Kathy & Jim Morrow's late border collie Pooka; perhaps Ambrose was a border collie in a past life.

Please welcome Ambrose!