Welcome, Ambrose
David's photos of the Discovery launch

Thursday morning at home.

Both kids are home sick and David has just set out with a van loaded with boxes headed for Orlando.

I haven't gotten the car I wrecked a couple of weeks ago back from the body shop yet, so this morning we rented me a car, since David is driving our van to Florida.

It appears I'm going to have to drag the sick kids along to this afternoon's ultrasound of my thyroid. The plot of life is running much too fast for me right now. 

damage to my Chevy HHR 2/22/09On February 22nd, I encountered a patch of snow and had a car accident. No one died. Though there were sore muscles, the kids and I walked away without the proverbial scratch. But the car -- the loyal Chevy HHR whose safety features performed as they were supposed to -- sustained $7,400 worth of damage.

I went to the doctor to be checked out to make sure I was OK. He sent me for X-rays. The radiologist didn't like the look of something on the X-rays and so sent me for a CATscan of my neck. On the CATscan, my vertebrae didn't look as weird as on the X-ray. 

The radiologist thinks he saw something possibly wrong with my thyroid, and so this afternoon, I head out for a thyroid ultrasound. I want to be confident that this is going to be one of those medical "oh, never mind." Situations, but I know next to nothing about thyroids. So they will just have to tell me.

I feel sort of stupid that I had to look for pictures on the Internet to find out where my thyroid was supposed to be. Now I know.