Yeeehaw! Obama wins!
Obama and the privatized military industry

Mulling over what to do next.

Now that the election is over and we can turn our attention elsewhere, I've been evaluating what direction to go with this blog: Do my own thing? Revisit popular themes that struck a chord with my audience? Try some thing new? Go more for visualizations and blog innovation? I'm mulling it over.

But one thing is certain: I've got an audience out there. I founded this blog in February 2003 out of upset over the advent of the Iraq war. I added Sitemeter May 12, 2004. Since then, Sitemeter has recorded over 1.3 million visits and nearly 2 million page views. (While I also use the counter for a couple of other minor sites, those are very low traffic, so most of that is this blog.) These days, Flickr also has traffic stats. The photos you see on this site are mostly hosted on my Flickr account, which now registers over a million page views (comprising views to photos, photostream, sets, and collections) since I opened the account in September of 2004. (. . . plus another half-million and change views of photos in Typepad photo albums which are not clocked by Sitemeter.)

Over the past year, my blog seems to have averaged about 12,000 visits and 18,000 page views a month.