Volatility and speeches
About all these Republican cries about voters & fraud

Shaking my head

Brad Marston at the McCain Palin blog writes yesterday: Election 2008 is NOT over!

A McCain-Palin victory on November 4th will require two things. First is a reversal of the current financial/banking crisis and an accompanying rebound in the stock market. Second is continued determination and hard work by grassroots volunteers in the face of seemingly impossible odds.
(He had different things in bold than I do.)

The US stock market just closed for the day and the headline on MarketWatch reads:

How now, beaten Dow

Blue-chip index suffers second-biggest point drop in its history.

So Brad, here's your game plan: Convince all your friends and all your friends' friends who think John McCain should be President and Sarah Palin should be Vice President to take ALL THEIR MONEY, and plunge it into the stock market in selfless waves of investing. (They think Palin would make a good VP, so they must be gullible. Piece of cake.)

This probably won't win McCain the election, but at least after the fact you can all feel good about having made a difference in the value of US stock prices.