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A submission to our publication

One "J. Matt Barber" has sent us a submission to our publication; our publication is The New York Review of Science Fiction.

From the Desk of J. Matt Barber
Below is an Op-Ed submission for you to consider for publication. Re-print permission is granted. If you wish to publish, an e-mail reply notification would be appreciated. Also, feel free to use quotes as you see fit. If you'd like to schedule an interview, please reply to this e-mail with a request.

(Really, this "submission" is political spam, but let's not split hairs.) Here is his opening paragraph:

With winds of change rivaling Hurricane Ike, John McCain’s historic VP pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has blown away the left’s mask of “inclusive tolerance,” exposing an ugly and desperate countenance below. Flummoxed and frantic, their shameful attacks on Palin and her family have revealed that liberal Democrats, the mainstream media, and those malicious hacks in the “progressive” blogosphere are willing to navigate the deepest, darkest sludge of slash-and-burn politics to see their man, Barack Obama, elected President.

And here is my favorite line, part of his proclamation that Palin won last night's debate:

In just 90 minutes, she managed to shatter the false bimbo image the mainstream media have spent weeks meticulously fabricating.

Somehow, I don't think this is rights for NYRSF. I think perhaps his note would have been better sent to Dave Langford for Ansible, since Barber's prose would be quite at home Thog's Master Class.

Amusingly enough, Googling pieces of it yields a few hits. (It may have first appeared without that shattering line.) So I guess just because it's crudely written propaganda doesn't keep people from publishing his spammy "submission." His page at Liberty University School of Law, where he is an Associate Dean, claims that he "frequently appears on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN." So I suppose I should regard this as a highly professional piece of crude propaganda spam!