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McCain's State of Emergency

My first reaction to McCain's attempt to suspend the presidential campaign because of the urgency of the economic crisis was that he might have a point. But on further reflection, I realize that such suspension is a policy statement. And what that statement is is this: Act now. Debate the merits later. And I don't think that's acceptable. Seven hundred billion dollars is a truly huge amount of money. The issues involved should be discussed beforehand, not afterward. Wed in haste, repent in leisure.

I don't think McCain should be trying to get out of publicly debating whether current plans for this kind of expenditure are a good idea and what the alternatives are. He shouldn't be trying to sequester himself. If he thinks he ought to be president, then he should be out there talking and holding press conferences, and so should his VP, who is only slightly less sequestered, it seems, than the Princess of Japan.

What he should not be doing is using this as a further excuse to clam up, because the issues are too important to be decided in secret.