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John McCain's Double-Talk Express: 9/15/08

Customize your September 15th John McCain experience!


Choose your own adventure! What do YOU want John McCain to tell you about the state of the US ecomomy?

If you want him to tell you that our economy is STRONG, click HERE. If you want him to repeat over and over that our economy is AT RISK, click HERE.

(Via Daily Kos.)

DAS VOLK UPDATE: McCain "explains" this apparent flip-flop contradiction by repeating over and over on the 16th that the fundamentals of the American economy are the "American Worker". (So. Is The American Worker strong? Or at risk? If so, at risk for what? Losing his job, maybe?) McCain also says the workers are the victims of "greed, excess, and corruption." Why does he suddenly sound Marxist? Is the GOP now Communist? Or will McCain say anything at this point? Die Partei hat Immer Recht!