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100+ writers who have never won a Hugo

Correcting what appears to be a common misapprehension

In reading the Internet's post-Hugo coverage, there seems to be a misapprehension out there that David G. Hartwell has been winning Hugos for decades and really ought to stop that and let someone younger have a chance. Perhaps people have him confused with Gardner Dozois or Charles N. Brown. The Hugo awarded David the other night in the category of Best Editor, Long Form, is only his second Hugo, ever.

According to the Locus list, his total award wins of all kinds are 2 career awards: the Milford and Skylark, plus 2 Hugos (counting the new one), 2 World Fantasy Awards, 7 Science Fiction Chronicle Reader Awards, 1 SFRA, 2 Readercon Awards. There are also a few more whimsical awards kicking around the house that Locus doesn't list (one involving a bird wing encased in lucite). But no secret stash of rocket ships except in Hugo-Nominee-pin form.