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An interesting photo credit

In case you were wondering where Wikipedia got the lede photo-illustration for the entry "Penis", the generous contributor, one "Olaf H." explains:

Description a photo of my penis in erected form. the foreskin is fully retrected, thus the penis head is completely visible. this photo was made and created by my own. / ein bild meines errigierten penis. die vorhaut ist komplett zurück gezogen. dadurch wird die gut durchblutete eichel sichtbar. dieses foto wurde von mir selbst erstellt und stellt mich selbst dar.

Source own work

Date May 2007

Author Olaf H.

Olaf explains that he is the copyright holder of the photo of his erect member and that he releases it into the public domain. (Free content!!!)

Of course, if he exposed himself in the grocery store or the subway, he would get arrested. But instead he has posted his throbbing manhood on the Wikipedia entry that most high school kids check out first before going to the Wikipedia the teacher intended for them to read. It's been there for ten days. (It's not like Wikimedia Commons is short of penis pics. They've got plenty.)

Looking further at his contributions, it appears that "Olaf" specializes in providing Wikimedia Commons with naked and semi-naked pictures, most of which seem to be the work of a Dutch photographer Peter Klashorst.

UPDATE, 6/2/08: Someone else seems to have noticed the photo, and it's been removed from the Wikipedia article a couple of times. As the article exists now, the it still shows Olaf's penis, but no longer in an erect state.