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SF Editor Wiki

I was having a look at the SF editors Wiki which I heard about last week. This is a Wiki that the world needs because Wikipedia is not well-suited for biography, and particularly not biography of working editors, since their contributions to literature tend not to well-documented in what Wikipedia defines as "reliable sources" that are easy to find on the web. (Hence the brevity of the bios of such major figures as Malcolm Edwards and Susan Allison.) Both Teresa Nielsen Hayden and I have gotten into nasty fights with Wikipedia admins when editing bios of science fiction editors. So I am all for this project and hope it expands its focus beyond "emphasiz[ing] editors still living and editing."

The main page of the site has a passage that nearly caused me to snort coffee through my nose:

Do not use [this site] to stalk editors. In fact, just don't stalk editors at all. They don't like it, they don't deserve it, it's liable to get a sizable community of people considerably irked with you (some of whom play with swords and axes in their free time) and it absolutely will not get you published. Rather the opposite. Just in case that needed to be said.

Well, gee, I didn't know we editors were protected by people with swords and axes, but I guess we are, now that I think about it. Goodness. Stalkers, be advised.

Anyway, I think this wiki is a great idea and that y'all should get accounts and fill it full of true and useful information.