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Creepy CNN comment section

Carol Ann GotbaumAs if a CNN news story about Carol Ann Gotbaum, the airline passenger found dead in handcuffs weren't creepy enough, CNN also has a comment section. This is one of those moments when what I read suggests we are trapped in a dark satirical novel.

Look at this from someone going under the name "Airport Worker":

Give it up! She was just another spoiled brat who thought she was above all of the little people and did not deserve to be inconvenienced that way. She killed herself through arrogance. Seen it many, many times before in airports all over the world. Sorry 'bout her luck.
Seen it many many times? Huh? So there are lost of skeletons in the closets of the worlds airports that CNN just didn't report? Or what?Airport Worker isn't concerned about dead passengers, apparently.

And then there's this guy, who seems to be suffering from the Frequent Flier version of Stockholm Syndrome:

Its clear that the woman was not in her right frame of mind. Thats not the Airports fault. They have to protect everyone. I think after the Autopsy some things will be revealed. Maybe she shouldn't have been traveling alone, why was she late?
So his point is that we should all feel safer when people turn up dead in handcuffs in airport detention? Ick.

(Can someone please tell CNN abut comment section moderation?)