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Reconceptulaizing this space

I have stripped the design of this blog down. I haven't decided whether to keep it spare or whether to dress it up again afterwards.

What I am preparing for is an attempt to shift to essay writing, to what I've been calling longer wavelength ideas. So I've been drafting an essay as part of this experiment. Since there is wide-spread incomprehension regarding what I had to say on one particular panel at Readercon, I've decided to start there. And it is indeed an experience very different from blogging, writing for three hours one day, and five the next, and not being done and this not being a problem. Essays are like that.

I'm 2,500 words into an essay that I'm rather pleased with so far; I think it's going to be twice as long. Wide-spread incomprehension at what I think is prefectly clear is usually a sign that I'm onto a good project. If what I'm saying is so hard to understand, then this is an opportunity to upset conventional wisdom.

One of the things I've been writing about is the roots of Internet pseudonymity in the Futurian movement, and James Tiptree, ahead of her time in many ways, as a transitional figure. I need to lay hands and eyes on D. West's essay, "Performance," on fannish personae, which may take time. (Anyone with an electronic copy is invited to send it!)