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Same school district, same grade: a smoking gun found in The Case Against Homework

The Homework Monster that Ate Our Lives

Cory Doctorow blogs a book I need to buy, entitled The Case Against Homework by Sara Bennett & Nancy Kalish. Based on the book, Cory reveals some of the evils of No Child Left Behind that we just paid a lawyer to hear about. Our education attorney explained to us that there was no way no how I was going to be able to hold the school district to its own standards on limiting homework and that No Child Left Behind was to blame.

And so we have a 4th grader and his mom, pushed to our wits' end by excessive homework, and an assessment by someone we paid $300 an hour of my son's current educational situation that deploys the technical term "train wreck."

We are on the hairy edge of bailing out of our top-ranked school district for which we pay munificent taxes primarily over the homework issue. Our alternatives are not good.

I need this book.