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Elizabeth's Picture of God

The schools have been closed for two days because of damage from Wednesday afternoon's violent storm, so today I took the kids to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time. Peter is such a science kid, we'd never been. Of course, I'd been there, but taking kids to museums is different.

We started with the Egyptian section, which was a big hit. Then we did the Chinese art on our way to the Balcony Cafe for lunch. After lunch, I tried to convince Elizabeth that she was interested in European painting by pointing out the Degas ballet dancers.

After hauling the kids through various sections in which they loudly declared their desire to go home, we eventually got to the suits of armor. The kids were very amused by the armor pieces designed to protect horses hindquarters.

We did the new Greek and Roman section last. The kids asked to sit and rest for a bit because their legs were tired. Elizabeth asked for a pen and paper because she had seen people sketching in the gallery. She drew a person.

I asked, "Who's that?" She said "That's a picture of God."

I started to put away the pen and she complained she wasn't done. So I gave the pen back because she said God needed a tutu.

So she added a tutu and wings. I asked what she had drawn. She explained, "That's an Egyptian ballet god."

(I promise I'll scan it in later.)