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Year's Best Fantasy 7 selections

Here are the stories that David Hartwell and I selected for inclusion in the Year's Best Fantasy 7. They are listed alphabetically by author, rather than in the order that they appear in the table of contents:

"Hallucigenia" by Laird  Barron 
"Four Fables" by Peter S. Beagle
"Yours, Etc." by Gavin Grant
"Sea Air" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
"I'll Give You My Word" by Diana Wynne Jones
"The Bonny Boy" by Ian R. Macleod
"Ghost Mission" by L. E.  Modesitt, Jr.
"The Roaming Forest" by Michael Moorcock
"Show Me Yours" by Robert Reed
"Christmas Witch" by M. Rickert
"Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter" by Geoff Ryman
"The Lepidopterist" by Lucius Shepard
"The Double-Edged Sword" by Sharon Shinn
"Pimpf" by Charles Stross
"An Episode of Stardust" by Michael Swanwick
"The Osteomancer's Son" by Greg van Eekhout
"Thin, On the Ground" by Howard Waldrop
"The Potter's Daughter" by Martha Wells
"Build-a-Bear" by Gene Wolfe
"Bea and her Bird Brother" by Gene Wolfe

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