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My Boskone Schedule

My Boskone schedule is as follows:

Sat 11:00am
   Is the British Revolution Over?

Many in the field have talked about the resurgence of British SF, (mainly written but also film and TV), in the last ten years. The point to the rise  of a new, confident, and often award-nominated, generation of UK SF writers -- Banks, Baxter, Jones, MacLeod, Reynolds, Stross  and others, who have re-energised traditional SF themes such as space opera and coined the 'New Weird' style. But has the peak of this new generation passed now, and has  the leading edge of SF moved back to the US and to other places such as Eastern Europe and Australia?
                Kathryn Cramer
           (M)  Vince Docherty
                Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Sat 12:00 noon
  Literary Beer
                Kathryn Cramer

Sat  2:00pm
  The Gooey Center of Hard SF
SF Editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden has observed, "Many of the genre's classics are in essence carefully-tuned machines designed to attract readers whose primary conscious loyalty is to rationalism, and lead them by a series of plausible contrivances to a sudden crescendo of mystical awe." Discuss, with examples and counters, if any.
           (M)  Kathryn Cramer
                Matthew Jarpe
                Patrick Nielsen Hayden
                Allen M. Steele

Sat  3:00pm
  Blogging and Live Journals in SF
Blogging is having an impact not only on the world at large but on the SF community in particular. Blogs tell us more about the people in the field, the way the field works, and who is who -- and a pace and with a distribution that few if any fanzines could ever match.  Blogs influence the directions of our community, can impact awards by making works or their creators better known, and perhaps even influence the works being created. (Or, perhaps the impact is overstated, as the impact of blogs in general may be.) Can writers use blogs to market themselves? Are blogs a way to engage the community (and maybe even potential voters)? The panel looks at blogs within our community and their impact.
                John Joseph Adams
                Kathryn Cramer
                James D. MacDonald
                Teresa Nielsen Hayden
           (M)  John Scalzi

Sun  1:00pm
                Jeffrey A. Carver
                Kathryn Cramer
                Kate Laity
                Wen Spencer

Sun  2:00pm
  The New Millennium: SF and Fantasy in the 21st Century
We're now more than five years into the new century.  Who are the major authors writing SF and fantasy today?  What are the major works so far in this century?  And who will be the major forces and what will be the major trends in the next 10 or 20 years?
                Kathryn Cramer
                Vince Docherty
                Patrick Nielsen Hayden
           (M)  Andrew Wheeler