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"I will write lengthy, caring, and thoughtful comments on your work. You will read and consider those comments before you complain about your grade, lest you hurt my tender feelings"

I've just created an NYRSF Index page

I created a page on this site to host the (rather large, cumberbersome) NYRSF index, carefully maintained by the marvelous Eugene Surowitz. What we have indexed is about 4.3 million words of science fiction criticism and reviews not on the web. (I need to go into the main NYRSF site and make a link to it.)

FURTHER TO THE SUBJECT OF WIKIPEDIA: All publications by staff members of NYRSF in NYRSF have been deemed "self-published" and therefore not worthy of mention in Wikipedia by one SlimVirgin.  UPDATE: She's threatened to "block" me for mentioning that. Translation: "Shut up," she explained.

Anyone disagree? I'm not sure what the current state of things is, but most of the NYRSF essays she declared self-published were (at least at one time, possibly still) listed in the MLA bibliography.