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Gmail on a Sprint Sanyo Katana?

stuckI just replaced my ailing cell phone with a Sanyo Katana.

I bought the phone, rather than just going for the free phone Radioshack was offering me, because I thought I'd be able to read email with it. I've tried the Gmail app, and while it starts up, it won't let me through the login sequence, saying my User ID and password don't match.

I've rooted around a bit on the web about this and found people using the phone with Sprint & Gmail and people who are having the same problem, but no troughleshooting instructions. Anyone know how to make this work with Gmail?

Or do I need to forward emails to a different system that the phone will talk to? (Maybe it would be a better idea to route new mail through Yahoo so I don't have my phone trying to download my archives from Gmail.) The simplest solution may be to foward to my SprintPCS email address when I need to read mail via cell phone.