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A 4-year-old talks about death.

With Elizabeth the fairy on our screened porch in Pleasantville, September 2005.

My four year old daughter just gave a lovely little speech. We were talking about how her middle name, Constance, was her deceased grandmother's name and she said:

I figured out that when people die, they still live inside you. And you can talk to them because they live inside your body, so I can still talk to Nannie.

Wise child.

After her grandmother died in the fall of 2005, when we were leaving the funeral home following the funeral, she said:

I have an idea. Why don't we go to Disneyland and get daddy a new mother?

Luckily, when we took her to Disney last summer, she didn't remember to shop for a new grandmother.

Photo: Elizabeth with her grandmother, September 2005.