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The Onion's Iraq War Recommendations

George WashingtonIndiaprotestersi0447The Onion has come up with it's own set of recommendations for the Iraq War, my favorite of which is:

Try to meet insurgents halfway by burning own effigies of Bush.
Perhaps some of the Republicans who lost their seats due to the unpopularity of Bush's war could be enlisted for this PR effort.

There has apparently been a problem in quality control of Bush effigies, noted as early as 2003 by The Daily Probe:

JAKARTA, Indonesia (DPI) - Of the dozens of President Bush effigies burned in anti-war protests today, only a few actually resembled the American leader. "I'm embarrassed to be Indonesian," said Hardi Johan, "The strength of any protest can be seen in the quality of the effigies, and as a professional effigy maker I can tell you most of these were not done with care." Many of the effigies appeared to be only old clothing stuffed with paper and a poor quality photo taped on to resemble the head.
Perhaps outgoing Republicans, who have enjoyed greater access to the President, can help improve the situation, perhaps by contributing locks or hair of items of clothing actually worn by the President himself.