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So Who Should Make This Movie? Or, Return of Revenge of Attack of the CD-ROMs!

From Paul Kedrosky's Infections Greed, a lovely post: YouTube ... GooTube ... WeTube!

The WSJ has a piece today reporting that Fox, NBC, et al., are busily discussion a YouTube-a-like they would jointly create. This is one of those only-in-a-VPs-boardroom ideas, the sort of thing that aspiring young MBA Veeps dream up (and leak to the WSJ), and that has virtually no chance of happening in the real world of lawyers, rivalries, and vested interests.
First of all, it is a damn shame that Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) is dead, since I would just love to read a version of the WSJ piece written in the manner of Seuss's Fox in Sox:
Who toob? You toob, blue toob for chewy chewying. That's what that goo goose is doing!
Or maybe the movie could have the look and feel of the pool scene in The Graduate?
YoooTooob is the future!
There are endless permutations to be considered here: The movie as by Mel Brooks, as by Stanely Kubrick, Robert Altman, George Romero, . . . . How about Woody Allen?
Woman Veep: You're really good at running meetings
Male Veep: I practice a lot when I'm alone.
But, OK. Why does this whole concept as described by Kedrosky as read in the WJS as leaked by one of the Illuminati lead me to such heights or sarcasm? Just why do I find it sooo appalling? To quote a line from Lucius Shepard uttered in another context:
When I read this I was fucking transported! I felt myself a sophmore again!
When I read about today's big corporate attempts at how to make your computer as much like your television as possible, I feel myself instantly transported back to 1995 during the full flower of the (failed) CD-ROM revolution. Rebember the CD-ROM revolution? It was right before the dotcom boom. The primary purpose of the movement was to make your computer as much like your TV as possible.

I feel I've been here before: this idea is Back from the Dead and ready to Party. Ack. Big Media just doesn't know how to let go.