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My kids meet WolframTones 9/28/05

Peter Watts reports that support from bloggers is helping sales of his book.

Further to the subject of the Creative Commons release of Peter Watts's novel Blindsight:

Cory DoctorowKathryn Cramer. John Scalzi.  Three people with exponentially higher lemming quotients than I shall ever enjoy, each choosing to pimp Blindsight in the wake of its CC release.  Something about that combination worked:  Amazon numbers (which tanked the day of liberation) have since rebounded and are now comparable to what they were in the heady days of Just-Released  The number of feeds, blogs, and other sites mentioning the book have skyrocketed.  Several of the posts I've seen are illustrated with one or another of the  alternate covers. A few claim to have stayed up all night, reading the entire novel directly off their monitors. I've been getting e-mail from as far as Russia and South America, replete with screen shots and reports of typos that snuck through the editing of the pdf and the html versions.  Thank you all.  I'll get on those ASAP.

Of course, the down side of all this attention is that the light attracts people even more curmudgeonly than I: I've picked up a couple of really excoriating 1-star reader reviews on Amazon amongst all the 5-star raves (nothing in between, interestingly)— and while I'm the first to admit that Blindsight has its flaws, I also think that anyone who claims it is entirely without merit has probably got some other issues going on.  One of those guys seems to give one-star reviews to virtually everything he reads— he's basically the antiKlausner, and if we accept Harriet Klausner's unflagging enthusiasm, then I guess we can't complain about someone who tilts the other way, for whatever reason.  Think of it as bringing a teensy part of the universe back into balance.

More glowing reviews from professional outlets too, including one from the Vancouver Province (which surprises me, since the last time I looked at that particular tabloid the headline story was about a headless ghost reportedly haunting Gastown — I didn't know those guys even reviewed actual books…)  I've added excerpts to the blurbs page (and have even relented on "Hobbit"'s review, since — aliased or not — it does seem to hail from a fairly high-profile and respectable online sf source).

The experiment continues.  And my mood is somewhat improved.