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Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the things I like to do on Thanksgiving is watch the Flickr feed on words like "turkey." You can watch other people's cooking progress over the course of the day.

9:19 AM: So far, there is a pic of a family trying to defrost a turkey that isn't fully defrosted yet.

Now. On to cooking!

12:51 PM: A couple of favorite Flickr photos so far: Dog meets raw turkey, and this one:

Here are my own Thankgsgiving pix so far. My turkey is in the oven. I stuffed it with limes plus and onion and a couple of bay leaves. I talked David down from a 20 lb turkey to a 10 lb one this year, so there's not much room in the body cavity.

turkey's in the oven

I'm doing the stuffing separately. The house smells good and we've got a lovely fire in the woodstove.

3 PM: Turkey done: