Went to the Tinderbox Weekend
Henry Gee has posted his novel online


So after deciding I wasn't going to dress up, on a last-minute whim right before taking the kids trick-or-treating, I transformed myself into the Statue of Liberty. I'm told by our neighbors that the costume worked really well in the dark with me holding up a candle (I couldn't find any of our flashlights).


IMG_6350.JPGMy son Peter cycled through an endless variety of mix and match superhero and science fiction character costume parts, so I can't rightly say what he ended up being for Halloween.

Elizabeth had a similar impulse (as shown in this picture from last week). She was "Ariel with wings" as in the Disney mermaid, but with butterfly wings. She also deployed this foam rubber hand on a long handle, that I think is intended for washing one's back in the shower, as her "seahorse." (Not shown)

It being the morning of November 1st, we are currently in discussion of whether candy is a suitable breakfast food.

Liz as Ariel with wings on her birthday.