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Criminals Take Out Ads

From CNN this morning: Gang takes out ad claiming they are vigilantes

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- A violent Mexican drug gang has taken out a half-page ad in newspapers in which they claim to be anti-crime vigilantes who want to put an end to kidnapping, robbery and the sale of methamphetamine in the western state of Michoacan.

The Family, a shadowy group believed to be allied to Mexico's Gulf drug cartel, has claimed responsibility in the past for bloody killings, such as a September 6 attack in which gunmen dumped five severed human heads into a bar in the Michoacan city of Uruapan.

Those and other heads discovered since have been accompanied by hand-lettered, poorly spelled notes, but this is apparently the first time the group has taken out newspaper ads.

The newspaper El Sol of Morelia, 135 miles west of Mexico City, confirmed that the half-page ad ran in Wednesday's editions.

"Our only reason for being is that we love our state, and we are not willing to allow the dignity of our people to be trampled on," reads the ad, signed "Sincerely, The Michoacan Family."

"This organization was formed with the firm intention of fighting the uncontrolled crime in our state," it reads, claiming the group is "growing, and now covers the whole state."

How, um, postmodern of them. Do they have a web site yet? Podcasts? YouTube videos?

Love the patriotic sales pitch. What better reason to cut off people's heads and dump them in bars than patriotic fervor! (I wonder what the poorly spelled notes said. I have a gub, maybe?)

Why did the newspaper accept the ads, anyway? (Perhaps because of the chance of decapitation if the ads were refused?)