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Mike Ford has died

Richard Chichakli's Back

Richard Chichakli, who showed up in my comment section a few years ago to tell me that my opinions on Viktor Bout were "less than informed," is back in comment-section-land. He's shown up to tell off Alex Harrowell of the Yorkshire Ranter.  And then he comes back a second time to make sure Alex knows he'd got a private plane:

Do you know for a fact that I, Richard chichakli, have a a private jet? or would you like to recall the lie you stated by saying (operators of Richard Chichakli's private BAC111 3C-QRF)

I wish that you stick to your green party, cause you are not doing well here, nor you will be immune from liability.

(Or is he denying that he has a private plane? Hard to tell.)

Why he feels the need to lobby bloggers to get the FBI to let up on him, I'm not sure. Must be because we bloggers have Power and Influence, I guess.