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Yeeeehaaaaw! David won the Best Editor Hugo!

From Rob Sawyer:

I'm totally, totally thrilled that Bob Wilson, one of my very best friends, finally got his long overdue Hugo, and that my editor and friend David Hartwell, who, with 33 nominations to date, held the record for most nominations without a win, finally got the Best Editor Hugo . . .

David won the Best Editor Hugo!

And from Patrick Nielsen Hayden:

Hugo Award results
Posted by Patrick at 03:28 AM * 14 comments

Our incoherent congratulations to John Scalzi, David G. Hartwell, and Robert Charles Wilson, plus many other friends and associates. Also, AAAAAAIEEEEEEEEEEE!


John Scalzi, Robert Charles Wilson, & David Hartwell

This is the first time the Best Editor Hugo has been given to a living book editor. The category was felt to so thoroughly favor magazine editors that earlier in convention there was a vote, splitting the category in two, so that book editors could have the possibility of winning Hugo Awards. David won in the last year before the rules change takes effect.

Niall Harrison remarks:

Actually, it seems to have been a year for results that go against the common complaint that Hugo voters are swayed by name recognition, at least in some categories. Sure, Locus and Langford picked up their annual awards, but David Hartwell, editor of everyone from James Tiptree Jnr to David Marusek, finally converted a nomination to a win, and in doing so became the first non-dead book editor to win a Hugo (somewhat ironically, given that his omission from the winners’ list was one of the reasons behind the motion to split Best Editor into two categories).

We are walking on air. Thank you every one who supported him!

Also, our small press magazine, The New York Review of Science Fiction, finished a strong second in the Best Semiprozine category.


The complete list of Hugo winners is up at Locus. The voting breakdown is here. Our photos from last night are up on my Flickr account.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden remarks:

I don't think it's likely that I shall ever see a happier (purely from my point of view) set of Hugo results.