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Your current life getting you down? Why not spend a bunch of money doing something stupid?

I was entertained by this detail in this morning's BBC story, Kenya captures 'terror suspect':

Abdulkadir Karim Tunda was captured in the Kenyan coastal town in possession of eight fake passports on Thursday.

Wonder what countries they were for and what other fake/mailorder IDs he had. Further to the subject of fake passorts, a  Sri Lankan couple just got themselves in big trouble trying to travel by air with fake Canadian passports. (I can just imagine the fight they had afterwards!)

So I was poking around a little and came across the website They are apparently having a big sale, so if you're dumb enough to go for this, act now without thinking!

Take advantage of our Summer Sale!!! Take 10% Off Everything until August 30th, 2006!!! Credit card orders: a 10% rebate check will be mailed with your order, Mail orders: simply deduct 10% (before shipping costs)! Hurry, sale ends August 30th, 2006!

So, what can you get from them?

"Get A Bulletproof Fake ID Fast!"

How You Can Get A Complete Fake ID & Identity Fast and Easy!

Are you sick of collection agents hounding you? Do you have no pay left after alimony? Are Stalkers constantly finding you? Is your credit report more like a wanted poster? You need a bulletproof fake id - a rock solid past and a new start! Our Fake ID System will get you a complete new past, a new name, new driver's license and a complete new identity with a new social security number, and much more - and the best part is, they're all verifiable! Get a brand new, clean credit report - forget all those expensive credit repair programs! You can finally break free of bad credit, have anyone think that you're any person - of any age - from anywhere you like!

You can read their testimonials HERE. Here's my favorite

My DL was suspended for a DWI and I thought that I wouldn't be able to continue to commute to work (which is obviously needed!), I spent a couple of weeks with the program and now have a new birth certificate and DL. Thanks for helping me out of a possible financial disaster!

Keith - White Plains, NY

Does any piece of this sound legal to you? If so, which piece? You too can be the total idiot who forks over money in order to feel secure in driving with a suspended license!