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Why Is the Blogosphere So Much Like High School?

The rocket scientists over at Xeni Sucks seem to be expanding their list of bloggers to stalk -- apparently they got bored when Xeni went to Tibet and wasn't available for their stalking pleasure --  and I seem to have made the cut. Not a good idea, guys.

How about y'all get a life instead?

UPDATE: Rocket Scientist Boy defends his right to stalk, challenging me to some kind of debate on why the Internet isn't just his own personal responsibility-free zone. I suggest he find a new hobby.

UPDATE: Someone needs to get on the Clue Train. So "Super Rape Allstar" (IP#s & thinks I'm being unreasonable when I call him a stalker?!?

Super Rape Allstar (kontrol.alt.delete<at>gmail.com)
Thursday, July 6, 2006, 08:42 AM
Sure, 8.

I wrote:

"No, I fully understand what you're saying in your post, no need to remind me of the backstory here.
I was more confused at what you consider "stalking".

Reposting boingboing articles for the sake of parody and mockery hardly constitutes stalking, and I dare say that claiming such would be offensive to any woman who's gone through such a harrowing ordeal as actually having survived a stalking experience.

Now that whole "get a job and a sex life" bit...whew, classy.

Does that apply to any number of people who disagree with you?

What's really a shame is that with that line you've gone ahead and degraded yourself to the same level of high schoolish remarks that XS employs.

Too bad, really."

Whereas her response was a simple and terse "Please do not contact me again.


Kathryn Cramer"

When further pressed on the matter she shot back

"I have asked that you never contact me again. The group stalking behavior causes me and anyone else you do it to distress.

Never contact me again. Got it?

Kathryn Cramer"

I guess I'm an Official Group Stalker. Thanks, xenisucks.com!

I wonder what other bad habits he has.