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Nuclear Materials at the Bulgarian Border: A Puzzle

Speculations on where Israel will attack on the ground

Based on new information, detailed in Bill Roggio's post More fighting near Avivim; prelude to invasion?, I have annotated the graphic I did the other day on Hezbollah's new reach into Israel. The full annotated version is HERE. (For the uninitiated, note that this map's vantage point is Lebanon looking towards Israel.)

For Google Earth mavens: I'm on the road, so finding a way to do further work on the image was an interesting technical challenge. Not only am I not at my usual desktop machine, but I managed to leave at home the Firewire cable for my hard drive, so even though I have the drive, I can't access any of the programs on it. The initial image, posted the other day, was created using both Google Earth and Photoshop. I don't have access to Photoshop here, and I'm working on a much smaller monitor, here in my hotel room.

Luckily, I have InDesign installed on this machine, so annotations in this version were made using InDesign. I used Google Earth for reference, but did not introduce any new imagery created in Google Earth.