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Weird Wedding photo found on Flickr

  Originally uploaded by Zeljko Peratovic.

Weird wedding photo, huh? Get a closer look for the full impact of the strangeness of the gazes. So it seems like there ought to be a story here. The next shot in the Flickr series is this one:

So what was all thus about? I Googled "Gotovina" and came across this Wikipedia entry:

Ante Gotovina (born October 12, 1955) is a former colonel-general of the Croatian Army who served in the 1991-1995 war in Croatia. He was indicted in 2001 by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. The indictment accuses him of sanctioning war crimes under his command in 1995 during Operation Storm at the end of the Croatian War. After spending four years in hiding, he was captured in Tenerife on December 7, 2005.

Gotovina is married to Croatian Army colonel Dunja Zloić with whom he has a son Ante, born in 1997. Before his second marriage, he also had a romantic relationship with Croatian Radiotelevision reporter Vesna Karuza, with whom he had a daughter Ana, born in 1994. Gotovina also has another daughter Ximena from his first marriage with Columbian journalist Ximena before the war.

I don't know whether to be sorry for the bride, Dunja Zloić, or not. Surely, she is gazing at the camera as though this is the most important day of her life while everyone else looks elsewhere, but what does she know about the men in the photo? What has already happened? And which events are yet to come?

Surely, the photo is a narratively interesting object.