Can Rumsfeld Last?
Jasmina Tesanovic, Belgrade: New Normality: when law and justice find their ways through the fearful leaks of those who are selling history in bits and pieces.

Wonder where they got the face. (And you should, too.)

D8h042eg0Two stories to be read together:

The Chicago Tribune: Bear attack victim gets face transplant

BEIJING, CHINA -- A man whose face was badly disfigured after an attack by a black bear two years ago received a partial face transplant Friday, in what a hospital described as a first for China.

The hospital's claims, if verified, would make China the second country to conduct the procedure. . . .

In the operation, a statement from Xijing Hospital in the central city of Xi'an said, Li Guoxing was given a new cheek, upper lip, nose, and an eyebrow from a single donor. No details were provided about the donor.

. . . and then read this one: Wanjia Forced Labor Camp Examined Falun Gong Practitioner's Organ Conditions Four Times

The police from the local "610 Office" took her to four different hospitals in Harbin to perform blood tests and to checkup on the condition of her internal organs. Her testimony caused quite a stir in the court.  . . .

A female doctor at Heilongjiang No. 2 Hospital commented that the skin of my thigh was very fair and fine when she examined it. She asked if I had any skin allergy. She was checking me out and noticed that I was scratching my thighs. She said, "Does your skin feel itchy very often?" I replied, "My skin feels itchy because I was ordered to sleep next to a fellow Falun Gong practitioner suffering from severe scabies. Next she did a test on my wrist. Five minutes later, the area she tested on became red. She asked if I had allergy to any medicine, and  . . .

. . .  so the witness lived to tell the tale.

So, um. Why are the media outlets credulously replicating the press release without pressing the issue of facial provenance? Enquiring minds want to know. Today, Falun Gong. Tomorrow bloggers. Shouldn't we ask?

Wonder how Hao Wu's organs are doing.

UPDATE, April 19th: See also the BBC: China 'selling prisoners' organs'.