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Year's Best SF 11 Table of Contents

Ybsf11coverPosting the Hugo Awards nomination list reminds me that I hadn't gotten around to posting the table of contents for our Year's Best SF 11 yet. Here it is. The stories are in alphabetical order, by author, rather in the order they appear in the book. (I may fix that later.) It's a longish table of contents this year, since Nature resumed their Futures column of science fiction short-shorts, and we took a number of those. Though our Year's Best Fantasy series is now published by Tachyon and will appear as a trade paperback, the Year's Best SF volume is being published as a paperback original by HarperCollins as usual.

“Mason’s Rats” by Neal Asher
“Lakes of Light” by Stephen Baxter
“Ram Shift Phase 2” by Greg Bear
“On the Brane” by Gregory Benford
“Toy Planes” by Tobias S Buckell
“What’s Expected of Us” by Ted Chiang
“I, Robot” by Cory Doctorow
“When the Great Days Came” by Gardner R Dozois
“Oxygen Rising” by R Garcia y Robertson
“Second Person, Present Tense” by Darryl Gregory
“Angel of Light” by Joe Haldeman
“The Forever Kitten” by Peter F Hamilton
“City of Reason” by Matthew Jarpe
“Third Day Lights” by Alaya Dawn Johnson
“The Edge of Nowhere” by James Patrick Kelly
“I Love Liver: A Romance” by Larissa Lai
“New Hope for the Dead” by David Langford
“A Case of Consilience” by Ken MacLeod
“Rats of the System” by Paul McAuley
“A Modest Proposal” by Vonda N McIntyre
“Sheila” by Lauren McLaughlin
“The Albian Message” by Oliver Morton
“Deus Ex Homine” by Hannu Rajaniemi
“Beyond the Aquila Rift” by Alastair Reynolds
“And Future King” by Adam Roberts
“Dreadnought” by Justina Robson
“Guadaloupe and Heironymous Bosch” by Rudy Rucker
“Bright Red Star” by Bud Sparhawk
“Ivory Tower” by Bruce Sterling
“Girls and Boys Come out to Play” by Michael Swanwick
“Ikiryoh” by Liz Williams