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Guam Customs and Quarantine officials are trying to follow the paper trial and determine who authorized the installation of listening devices at the agency's screening area in the Guam International Airport. On Wednesday Airport executive general manager Jesus Torres confirmed the Airport received an aviation security grant for additional cameras after 9/11.

Officials have yet to figure out why listening devices were installed at the Customs screening area. Customs chief Ralph Sgambelluri says the investigation so far has revealed that local company Sunny Electronics was contracted to install the devices.

Officials have not said how much was paid, who authorized the installation, or where the devices were transmitting.

I just love how insecurity is the Doppelganger of the post 9/11 security fetish. While of course the whole customs surviellance story is worrisome, there's something aesthetically satisfying about this duality, reminiscent of what we used to focus on when I was a grad student studing 19th century German Romanticism. It's, like sooo ETA Hoffman.