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Cyber Storm?

I have been combing through the reports on the Department of Homeland Security's war game "Cyber Storm" looking for any accounts of how they actually handled the blogger "problem" in the simulation. I haven't found one. Anyone know of a good account?

But following some of my recent adventures, I could write a handbook on What Not to Do when dealing with a blogger. Someone should give me a consulting gig. But, being me, I'll probably write it up and give it away for free, as is my usual practice.

I'm curious about what courses of action were pursued in the simulation, because I'm pretty sure some of it would make my What Not to Do list. (Suggestions for such a list are welcome.)

UM. SPEAKING OF WHAT NOT TO DO: We in Pleasantville understand that everyone up to and including Dick Cheney realizes that sitting Vice Presidents should not shoot people by accident and so have not been making merciless fun of our Vice President.

Nonetheless, we find outselves unable to resist this graphic entitled Ten Ways Dick Cheney Can Kill You  (via BoingBoing).

Ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you

(See also the Liberal Avenger.)