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Cory Doctorow plays with David's Skylark Award at Boskone.

  Me and Skylark, Boskone, Boston.jpg 
  Originally uploaded by gruntzooki.

(I shot the photo with Cory's camera.) 

My husband, David Hartwell, was awarded the Skylark last night.

The Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction (the Skylark) is presented annually by NESFA to some person, who in the opinion of the membership, has contributed significantly to science fiction, both through work in the field and by exemplifying the personal qualities which made the late "Doc" Smith well-loved by those who knew him.

And here's a nice shot Cory took of my hand, and of my eyes, both taken through the magnifying glass on the award.

Oh, yeh, I should probably also show David actually receiving the award:


As should be obvious, this was an event of deep seriousness.