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Quaggas in 2006

Happy New Year!

I am pleased to begin the New Year by reading the New York Times Magazine article on the Quagga rebreeding project: Can You Revive an Extinct Animal?

The quagga is or was an extinct subspecies of plains zebra. Zebras with quagga characteristics have been rebred from the surviving zebra population. Are the quaggas? I'd like to think so. I find the story behind the quagga rebreeding project quite fascinating. I first found out about it in 1999. Here's a lovely shot of Henry, a rebred quagga. Isn't it marvelous?

A rebred quagga in the New York Times

May the New Year bring more things like this.

MEANWHILE, our Year's Best Fantasy 6 will be published by Tachyon Publications next fall. The series had been dropped by HarperCollins last spring. We found out right before Christmas that Tachyon had decided to pick it up.