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Fake Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from my son's card collection.

My son Peter is home sick today. He showed me these interesting cards from his collection which he is reorganizing: Here are four fake Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. They are recognizable as fakes by the following traits:

  1. They are printed on generic holographic paper rather than having the pattern of the holography match the images.
  2. The holographc square present with authentic cards is either printed simply in black and white or is missing.
  3. The text on the cards seems to have been written by someone whose native language is not English and may or may not make sense.
  4. The printing of the art is muddy and some images show obvious evidence of Photoshopping.
  5. The printing of the back of the cards is of poor quality and in one case the logo is wrong.
  6. The logos in the upper right-hand corners (front of card) are wrong.
  7. The formatting of the cards is idiosyncratic and does not follow the format of the originals faithfully.

You can read the text on the full-sized version of the image. Here is a sample:

Activate it when your opponent declare the attacking on you. Your opponent will select will select one card on hand at random.

14207ANOTHER of today's sick-day activities was watching Defenders of Wildlife's 60-second cartoon, "Toast the Earth," commemorating Exxon's Mobil's declaration of the largest annual corporate profits in US history. It's got a nice little jingle. My 3-year-old asked to see it again, again!