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Criminalizing Pregnancy?

Not that I think that this bit of legal surrealism is likely to actually become law, but why are Indiana Republicans cooking up legislation to discourage motherhood? It seems to have all kinds of strange provisions, but especially has it in for anyone pregnant without a ring on her finger or—and this is the part that would raise deep outrage in this neck of the woods, where as nearly as I can tell a significant number of the children are conceived under circumstances involving medical assistance—anyone needing the help of a fertility clinic to get pregnant.

It contains such bizarre passages as:

The intended parents shall pay the fees and other costs of the criminal history check . . .

. . .  and  . . .

Before intended parents may enter into a gestational agreement and before conception occurs, the intended parents shall obtain an assessment from a licensed child placing agency in the intended parents' state of residence.

Never mind that this is evil, wrong, and dangerous, these people seem completely innocent of the reproductive habits of the class able to make large contributions of political parties. And I think that's just too funny.

(Via Feministe and Booman Tribune.)