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Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Dies in Texas; His Slidell, LA Home was Destroyed by Katrina

Towards a public index of NOAA's Katrina Photos

NoaanolaI really need to use NOAA's aerial photos of greater New Orleans, and as I have said before, I hate the NOAA interface. Since my dream of a clickable interface for the NOAA photos has not yet come true, nor my dream of a Mac version of Google Earth, I'm setting up this page as my own personal index to  the NOAA photos, to which I will make additions as I go along.

Here's how it will work:

  1. I'll make a thumbnail image (with a larger thumbnail if you click on the small one),
  2. write a little description, and
  3. give approximate GPS coordinates if I can get them. 
  4. Time stamp information is highly desirable.

The highest priority are those areas of New Orleans that are not covered by the Digital Globe 8/31 10 AM satellite photos. This overview of the Digiatl Globe images shold give you a sense of the problem:


They don't cover enough of New Orleans and also it is hard to get information on nearly communities.

Contributions (by which I mean submissions for inclusion) are welcome and encouraged via email at kathryn.cramer at

I'm posting one now, and will post more later.

  1. 24441170 St. Charles Avenue, including the Loyola university stadium. This area is not covered by the Digital Globe 8/31 10 AM images available via Google Maps.